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Ali Cobby Eckerman At the time she was working in a remote arts centre, two hours outside of Alice Springs. Pinterest Eckermann has since published three collections of poetry. She is also the author of a verse novel, Ruby Moonlight, and a poetic memoir, Too Afraid to Cry, which examined the traumatic effects of being separated from her mother for more than 30 years. The poet is a member of the stolen generations forcibly taken from her mother when she was a baby. Her mother was also forcibly removed from her parents as a child, resulting in three generations of forced estrangement and grief. It also feels like an award that is honouring my familys story, and the three generations of us that didnt grow up together, said Eckermann. I want to accept this award on behalf of my grandmother who walked out of the Maralinga bombs [the British nuclear testing that occurred near Maralinga, South Australia, in the 50s and 60s to the great detriment of local Indigenous people] with her little children, and then my mother was taken from her to my grandmother and my mother, who were so dignified in their pain. Life changed so dramatically for them, and they stayed really dignified and thats the legacy theyve given me. This is the first time poets have been included among recipients of the Windham-Campbell prizes, with the Michigan-born political poet Carolyn Forche also receiving a grant. Other writers in the 2017 grant round include the New Zealander Ashleigh Young and the Harvard professor Maya Jasanoff for nonfiction, Marina Carr (Ireland) and Ike Holter (US) for drama, and Andre Alexis (Canada) and Erna Brodber (Jamaica) for fiction.

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